I’ve never done Pilates before, is that ok?

Yes. Each Pilates class is tailored to suit mixed levels of ability, from beginners, to intermediate and advanced. No previous experience is necessary, however, we suggest that a one to one session is beneficial to anyone that has not experienced Pilates before or is returning from a break. During this one to one we can explain the basic principles in more detail to enable you to experience the full benefits and feel more confident in a class from the very start.

What do I wear?

We suggest that you wear loose fitting or stretchy clothing to allow a good range of movement. Avoid clothing with zips, buttons and hoods.

Pilates is performed either bare foot or in socks so there is no need for special foot wear.

Do I need any equipment?

We encourage you to bring your own mat, for hygiene purposes, however we do provide mats, blocks, bands, and small Pilates balls. All equipment is fully sanitised after each class.

We suggest bringing a bottle of water and a small towel.

How many people are in each class?

Class sizes can range from 6-16 people. These size classes create a friendly group atmosphere, where each participant can receive instructor attention.

How do I know if Pilates is right for me?

Pilates is a very safe effective form of exercise that is suitable for most people. If we feel it is beneficial we may seek your authority to speak with your GP/treating consultant or therapist to establish whether there are any movements that they wish for you to avoid.

Please contact us if you have any other questions.

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