Victoria Core Pilates

Victoria Core Pilates

Victoria Core Pilates offers friendly Pilates classes between Maldon, Witham and Chelmsford. Classes are for all ages and abilities and provide you with a complete sense of fitness and wellbeing.

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Why Pilates?

Whether you are new to Pilates, recovering from an injury, post surgery, or just want to try something different, the Joseph Pilates method works like no other discipline. Pilates is a great way to improve your posture, creating strength and stability through your core, together with developing flexibility and mobility throughout your whole body. You should expect to be challenged and invigorated.

Prolonged sitting, stress, unresolved passed injuries or injuries through repetitive movement can all have an effect in the way we hold our bodies through gravity.  Practicing Pilates regularly and can give you better quality of movement in your everyday activities through improved, core control, and posture. Incorporating Pilates into your life will also help to improve your mind and body awareness.

Pilates Practice

Breathing Technique

Focus the mind, relax the body and actively engage the deep stabilising muscles.

Pelvic Placement

Stabilisation of the pelvis in neutral encourages efficient movement patterns.

Rib Cage Placement

Focus upon maintaining the rib cage and thoracic spine in good stable alignment.

Scapular Movement

Finding good scapular stabilisation alleviating the tendency to over work the muscles around the neck and shoulders.

Head and Spine Alignment

Focusing on maintaining the natural curve of the spine and release pressure from the neck and shoulders.

Class Bookings :

If your chosen class has availability you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.